What a beast! A huge snake was found by a hiker near South Carolina creek

A colossal serpent recently caught the attention of a hiker exploring Florence’s Jeffries Creek Park. Had Indiana Jones stumbled upon this sight, a swift about-face would likely have been in order. 

Meredith Langley excitedly recounted her encounter with the snake-like creature in a Facebook post shared with the South Carolina Hiking club.
Langley couldn’t help but marvel at how seamlessly the snake blended into its natural surroundings. In her post, she shared: “This proved to be an excellent teaching moment and a valuable example for my own children about the importance of not darting ahead of me on trails!” 

Greg Lucas, a biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, identified the creature as a non-venomous brown water snake (Nerodia genus).
Lucas explained that the water snakes, owing to their robust, muscular bodies, often appear larger than their actual size. 

According to him, these snakes typically reach their full length between 30 and 60 inches. Langley recounted that she and her children frequently encounter copperhead snakes during their weekly hikes in the area. 

Water snakes and water moccasins are also prevalent in the region, she added. Estimating the snake she encountered to be at least four feet long when fully stretched, Langley emphasized that the creature seemed entirely unperturbed by their presence.
“It observed me with a calm demeanor, devoid of aggression or fear. This conveyed to me that the creature was confident in its ability to defend itself if necessary, yet saw no need to expend that energy needlessly”, Langley remarked. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to witness the majestic creature, she discreetly retreated. 

“That area belongs to the snake, not us, and my children and I always maintain that respect and reverence whenever we venture into nature”, Langley concluded. Feel free to share this post with your family and friends who share a fondness for serpentine wonders!


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