Stray Dog Suffers For Days After Stepping On Coyote Trap Until Help Finally Comes

It was a long six days , that a poor dog was suffering after she stepped on a coyote trap, her suffering seemed to have no end till finally there was light see in the middle of darkness. 

Hope for Paws was informed for the dogs critical state and they headed out to South Carolina urgently, and got to know that dog evaded animal control despite her injury.
Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte began looking for the ill dog Hermione as soon as they got there. When they found her they tried to be gentle so she trusts them and comes to their hands , but the dog grew scared and run away. 

Eldar and Loreta asked help from friends , and finally they had success and caught scared Hermione.
Three days later, Eldar and Roleta transported unfortunate Hermione to California to see a veterinarian expert in hopes of saving her limb, once they were certain she was well enough to go.

After a long time recovery that took months, Hermione leg was healed, and she was healthy and in great condition.

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