Rescuers And Neighbors Come Together To Save Dog Stranded On Island.

It’s not uncommon for pets to wander away from their owners until they’re entirely lost. But some end up in more unusual spots than others. That’s certainly the case for Margot. This adorable dog’s recent dash from home prompted lots of team effort in order to rescue her and, ultimately, ended on an island. Little Margot lives in Cumberland, Rhode Island with her humans. 

Together, they were enjoying the outdoors when something caused the pup to squirm out of her collar. Margot took off, eventually finding herself stranded on an island at Rawson Pond.
“This dog was leashed at the time, unfortunately some dogs have high anxiety and can wiggle their way out of harnesses/collars,” the Cumberland/Lincoln Animal Control shares in a comment on Facebook. “Martingale collar is always best!” 

Dog Rescue Takes Place On A Rhode Island Lake A team gathered: Cumberland ACO’s, Cumberland Firefighters, Lincoln Animal Control, and even a few kind neighbors. Officers were able to utilize a boat to reach the island. Here, they found little Margot who, at this point, was no doubt frightened.
Thanks to the efforts of local first responders, as well as some generous neighbors, this harrowing dog rescue has a happy end. 

“Margot is now warm, safe, and receiving lots of snuggles and cuddles,” a Facebook post by the Cumberland/Lincoln Animal Control reads. “… We are all extremely grateful she is home safe tonight.


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