Guy Sees Stray Dog Shivering In The Cold, Takes Off His Shirt And Puts It On Him

When Fernando and Felipe Gabriel went to the subway station for a ride on a bitterly cold day, they saw something awful. When Felipe went to the ticket window to purchase tickets, he noticed something unthinkable. A tiny homeless dog was shivering uncontrollably by the counter wall, and no one appeared to notice its suffering or agony.

On one of the year’s coldest days, a freezing and lonely dog needed warmth. Then, in a sudden move, Felipe took off his backpack and removed his jacket to put an orange shirt on the dog! 

After feeling cozy and comfortable finally, the sweet pup wagged its tail to thank Felipe!
While Fernando initially giggled from afar as he noticed his brother stripping in public, he soon realized what Felipe was up to. He made sure to capture this random act of kindness on camera and share it with the world!
The dog was missing when the brothers went back to find him, but Felipe’s kind act inspired many others. The t-shirt he gave to the dog as a gift meant a lot to Felipe, and though it was one of his favorites, he believes it looks better on the pup! 

It’s not every day you see someone going out of their way to help an animal in need, but that’s exactly what Felipe did. Watch the video below to see him give his shirt away to a freezing dog on the streets.

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