Dog Takes His Owner Into The Woods Only To Be Surprised By What He Found In A Sealed Box

In all of my years of being surrounded by dogs, I’ve found that therapy dogs are just the sweetest and most emphatic dogs.

All of them are trained to comfort humans in need, but their kindness does not extend to just us. More often than not, you will see one of them trying to help other animals and provide support. 

In this story, we will talk about a brave therapy dog who found something rather interesting in the woods and left his owner surprised. Banner, The Super Dog
For most of his life, Banner was a therapy dog from Georgia who provided help to the people who needed it the most. He has been with his owner, Whitney Braley, for a long time and has helped her immensely during her PTSD episodes and anxiety attacks. 

She knew right away that he was a very gentle soul who only wanted to be with his best friend. On one fateful day, Banner was just taking a stroll in the woods near his house. 

During his walk, he noticed something strange and immediately rushed back to Whitney. She was unsure what he wanted, but it seemed to her like he was pleading with her to follow him. 

They went together into the forest where the dog saw a plastic, sealed box and it looked like something was inside. A Big Surprise For Whitney
When she opened the box, she saw seven newborn kittens just stuck there and abandoned in the middle of the forest. Whitney knew she couldn’t just leave them, so the duo took them home where they nursed them back to health. 

Banner acted like a mom to these kittens, and he was watching over them the whole time to make sure they were okay. It took a good while, but they managed to recover just fine, thanks to the help of this amazing duo.
Now that they were finally okay, Whitney realized that she had to sign them all up for adoption, so they could find a more permanent home somewhere in Georgia. 

Even though we don’t really know what happened to the kittens, I think it’s safe to assume that all of them found their new families. 

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