This Young Man Saved A Bobcat From A Fire, But He Never Expected To Get Such Gratitude

For a variety of causes, anyone can become “YouTube famous.” It’s sometimes due to a medical miracle. Sometimes it’s due to a hilarious Alexa gaffe. And, every now and again, they may just credit their viral fame to some incredible choreography. However, it’s not every day that a family receives millions of views due of a devoted bobcat.

A newborn bobcat and a young fawn were saved from a devastating forest fire by the Kraus family of Pennsylvania several years ago. They nurtured the creatures alongside their dogs and cats for more than a decade, and the bobcat, whom they named ‘Benji,’ got popular on YouTube somewhere along the road. 

One of Benji’s youngest rescuers is seen playing with this tame, tamed bobcat in the video we’re showing you today. A family member, George, remarked on the extraordinary animal and the video’s effectiveness years after the life-saving intervention. He stated, “ 

Thank you so much; Benji was a wonderful young boy who will be much missed. I’m very glad I filmed so much of his life because I’ll be able to view all of these movies again and again to remind me of how lovely he was. 

A lovely tribute for his long-lost wildcat was posted several years ago by the youngster who originally saved him. He expressed himself as follows: 

He should be sitting next to me on the couch right now. I tumble over him as I walk through the home because he follows me around everywhere, giggling as he wrestles with a 120-pound rottweiler. Every time I return home, they give me those headbutts. I jumped up on my shoulders and sat there as happy as can be. Like a big brother, grooming and guarding Athena. Benji, I’ll miss you. 

Is there someone in here cutting onions because there is definitely some water seeping out of our eyes right now. 

But, terrible as it is, we are ecstatic to learn that Benji and his gorgeous deer partner, Athena, were rescued in the first place. This family accomplished something amazing for the animals and for humanity–the videos have brought smiles to tens of millions of people across the world. And now that you’ve learned about Benji’s extraordinary past, it’s time to watch the video that made him famous. Watch the video below to see Benji the Bobcat make friends with one of his human rescuers. That is one happy youngster, as well as a lucky bobcat!



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